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"I killed him yes. I had little choice. He was about to kill me. But to take his form, that was my choice. To continue living, not just scraping by." -Dax, referring to his impersonation of Meris Redflare.

Meris Redflare was a Dark Elf Rogue, and member of The Atall Varda City Watch. He was slain by the Changeling Dax, who took on his form.


Born to Marvis and Betrina Redflare, Meris grew up as a talented Rogue within The College of Freemasonry, in Atall Varda , joining The Watch at the young age of 20 by virtue of his intelligence and skill. He was often conflicted with his emotion and compassion opposed to the orders he was given, which would often entail violence, with little care for casualties.

The Changeling

Eventually, Meris was sent to hunt the Changeling Dax, who was seen in the forests outside the city. Reading into the situation, Meris suspected there to be foul play surrounding the Changeling's warrant of arrest, as no evidence had been presented or documented, yet the charges of murder and treason were not contested. Tracking down the Changeling, Meris sent his companion, Loras Mornsteel, to pursue a false lead, retrieving his copy of Dax's wanted poster, knowing him to be watching. Before he could explain himself, however, Dax struck, slaying the Dark Elf with a knife, hiding his body, and taking his place to avoid suspicion.


As a Dark Elf, Meris has dark skin and lightly colored hair, in his case, specifically dark purple skin and white hair. He wore the uniform of The Atall Varda City Watch, as appropriate to his station, though the lighter variant, given his light frame and more dexterous approach. His eyes were purple, matching his skin, and especially for an Elf, was incredibly young, only being 23 at the time of his death.

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