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"Tell me everything you know. I might let you live if you indulge me." -Mark Garmin.

Mark Garmin was a Salaman Shadow Monk played by Anthony Simon, from New Redemption, in Horizon. He was one of The Monster Hunters fighting against Morgorath, meeting his end at the hands of Grinrall, the Mind Breaker.

Early Life

Born Mark Vespertilio Garmin the Third, Garmin was born in the City of New Redemption, to Mark Garmin Jr and Marianna Garmin, a noble couple in charge of Garmin Industries, to which he was the heir. His life was forever changed when at the age of 12, he returned home to find his mansion ablaze, his Father burned to a crisp, his Mother not found within the wreckage. From that day, leaving his butler, Gaston Wasim to attend to the mansion and company, Garmin left Horizon, in the hopes of receiving training to become a warrior who would avenge his parents in a figurative sense, by fighting against criminals. To this end, he traveled to Tsukino, the land of eternal night, receiving training from the Shadow Monk, Masuta Kuroha. His training cut short by the disappearance of his master, Garmin journeyed West, hoping for first hand experience in lieu of a teacher. It was this journey, to the island of Derrellianashia, where he became a member of The Monster Hunters.

Monster Hunters

After joining The Monster Hunters, Garmin received a letter from the Mother he thought dead, instructing him to come to the land of Honeremorte. Following the letter's instruction, he found himself, along with the other Monster Hunters, embroiled in a series of events orchestrated by the tyrant Morgorath. It was here that he met for the first time in 9 years, his parents, more specifically, those of The Golden World, as well as his Counterpart of the same name. The two Garmins forged a secret and uneasy alliance, to be ended with one final journey...


Garmin, through his Counterpart, found himself in the possession of a list, containing the names, faces and locations of Morgorath's Agents. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Garmin journeyed to The End, an island surrounded by eternal storm, to hunt down Grinrall, the Mind Breaker. His quest ended here, with Grinrall quickly discovering and killing the up and coming Shadow Monk, devouring his brain and taking his corpse to be studied in his laboratory.

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