"Wait wait wait. Surely there has to be another way, We don't have to just kill them." Lucijan, to The Children of Frost, about The Emberguard.

Lucijan is a Half Elf Ranger played by Edward Clissold, a wandering warrior on a quest of redemption, and a member of The Children of Frost. He is also the apprentice of the late Ranger Groban.

A Shadowy Past

Lucijan was born in the city of Heygja. He lived as a criminal under The Thieves Guild. One day, when he was 22 years old, he attempted to steal The Heart of Winter. Failing to do so, he fled the city in order to survive. During his life in the wilderness of western Wintervale, Lucijan found poor luck, until a chance encounter with an old Ranger.

The Path to Redemption

Attempting to rob the ranger, Lucijan found himself at his mercy. Expecting death, he was surprised by the ranger's compassion, as he instead offered to teach Lucijan the ways of the Ranger, on the condition that Lucijan pay his debt to him. Learning his name to be Groban, Lucijan accepted the offer, secretly planning to leave as soon as he was able. Despite this, the two formed a bond over time, spending the years training and performing services as rangers. One day, members of The Thieve's Guild had tracked him down and attempted to kill him. Together, he and Groban fought them off, however, Groban succumbed to his wounds, and passed following the battle. Taking up his mentor's cloak and bow, Lucijan continued on as a ranger, in the hopes of earning redemption.

Winter's Heart

Lucijan eventually found himself in the town of Stadfesta, having sensed the necromantic energies from the rituals of Mordvig Nightberry.


  • The original concept story, written by Edward Clissold, is as follows:

Grew up in the city under a thieves guild of some sort, botched a big heist and fled the city. Once in the wilderness he tried to steal from a ranger after having a miserable time trying to survive alone. The ranger offered to teach him how to survive out in the wilderness while also paying off his debt for stealing from him. He planned to play along until he had learnt enough to make his getaway. However, he never did. He build a solid relationship with the ranger and they soon stuck together for a few years. Eventually he gets tracked down and ambushed by the guild that he left many years ago. they kill their attackers but his mentor is mortally wounded in the fight. He now works alone so that others don't get hurt from his mistakes.

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