"Ever growing, the earth beneath our feet, the wind in our hair. The creation of those above." -Sanah Brushfoot.

Lorerah is the entirety of the known world, created by The Three Deities.


Loreah is covered in land masses, constantly being expanded through discovery. The current lands are:


The Age of Darkness:

  • Lorerah is created by The Three Deities, them discovering The Abyss in the process.

The Age of The Ominni:

  • The Ominni are created by Saellifor, the Deity of Life.
  • The Ominni are forced to evacuate Wintervale with the rise of the Demons of The Abyss.
  • The Divine Spirits are created, and fight the Demons to a standstill.
  • The humanoid races are created.

The Age of Magic:

  • Magic is first discovered by the first Wizard, The Dragon King.
  • The teachings and explorations of Magic spread throughout Lorerah.
  • Magic is shunned by the majority of society, leaving it a taboo art, pursued only by the dangerous or the brave, creating a rift between those who practice the natural philosophies and those who believe them to be arts of a demonic nature.
  • The Hero, Prothus rose up and saved the Kingdom of Wintervale from The Undead King, casting light on the shadow cast on Magic, opening the eyes of the people.

The Age of Dragons:

  • Lorerah was conquered by the Salaman and the forces of Longjia.
  • The Dragon King was mysteriously disappeared, leaving his heirs to rule over his Empire.
  • Jieshu, The Last Emperor of The Salaman, seceded his Empire, causing a war between himself and   Kuang Shi.

The Age of Bloodshed:

  • The Kingdoms of Lorerah waged war, beginning with the death of the King of Wintervale.

The Age of Innovation:

  • On a large scale could be seen as uneventful, with the lack of wars and major discoveries, with the refinement of culture being the priority among the people of Lorerah.

The Age of Winter:

  • The Civil War of Honeremorte occurred, ravaging the land of Honeremorte even further, and creating the Dawn Ranger's in the process.
  • The War of the Risen Orcs occurred in Honeremorte.
  • The Monster Hunters rid the world of Morgorath and his evil forever.
  • The Children of Frost, of Winters Heart saved the world from the Never-Ending Winter, in the 55th Year of the Horse.

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