"A pleasure to meet ya. How'd a fella such as yourself wind up in Stadfesta." -Loras Tustach to The Children of Frost.

Loras Tustach is a Gnome Innkeep living in Stadfesta. He is the patron of the inn, 'The Leaning Lemur', and the father of Loras Jr.


Loras is a small Gnome, standing 3'1 ft tall, and wide of girth, weighing 180 lbs. He has a rough ponytail tied in braids and most distinctively, two moustaches, one above the other. He is dark blond, and has deep blue eyes.


Loras is a friendly and amiable man, easygoing and accommodating even to bar fights, when they occur. He is always ready to help a customer, provided they can pay for the service.

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