"Oh, umm... Hi Rinn... How have you been?" -Loras Jr, to Rinn Amakiir.

Loras Tustash Jr is a Gnome Barkeep and the son of Loras Tustach, the Innkeep of 'The Leaning Lemur', in Stadfesta.


Loras is a small gnomish boy, 14 years old, standing at just over two feet tall, and just slightly overweight, at 120 lbs. He has slightly long blond hair, worn in a small ponytail, and blue eyes. He often dresses in a white linen shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, a brown vest, and dark brown slacks.


Loras Jr is a friendly and kind, if very awkward individual. He is very talented in the fields that applies to a barkeep, such as cooking, cleaning, and the like, but is very humble regarding this, and doesn't like to draw attention to himself if at all possible. He is also infatuated with the Paladin Rinn, and tries his best to act cool around her, but is not always successful.

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