"A beautiful land, filled with life, and spirit. Home to many concepts we all live by and legends of which we all speak." -Saeren, King of Elendor.

Longjia is a land to the East, North of Tsukino. It is known for its beautiful landscape and culture, fighting styles, among other things. It is also the home of both the Beastfolk and the Salaman.

The Age of Magic

During The Age of Magic, one of them, a Lord of the Tiger Clan, Zhengfu, mastered the ways of Draconic Magic and became the first Dragon. Using his newfound power, he soon became Emperor, and over the next 200 years, his descendants, the Salaman, led the Beastfolk into a war, conquering all of Lorerah.

The Age of Dragons

A hundred years after his conquest, Zhengfu disappeared mysteriously, leaving his reign to his heir. The Longjian Empire continued for several hundred years, ending after the final Emperor, Jieshu, seceded his empire, giving the world back their nations. This created a war between him, and his uncle, The Mad Dragon Emperor, Kuang Shi. Winning the war, Longjia seceded back to its own, with few colonies allowed withing the borders of the other nations.

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