"Who dares to stand against me? May he soon come to realise his mistake." -Leon Doomhowl.

Leon Doomhowl is a Shifter Cleric living in Dyr. He is the champion of all gladiators, the undefeated fighter. He is also the consort of Anagr Sorrow, and the father of both Rafik Thornwhip and Fenrir Wolfsbane.

The Young Champion

Leon Doomhowl began as many of his kind do, as an urchin living on the streets of Dyr, forced to make a living for himself as a pit fighter, bandit, or scavenger. Leon proved too prideful for such a life, and in time, fought in The Champion's Gauntlet, the most dangerous but most rewarding of all gladiatorial tournaments. Despite all prediction, aided by his patron, the Abyssal Lord Bjota, the young illusionist won the Gauntlet, and became the champion, earning a reputation as the youngest victor, at the early age of 13. It was during this period of time he met Anagr Sorrow, a fellow gladiator of The Champion's Gauntlet, and his future mistress.

Father of Beasts

Years later, Leon and Anagr grew very close, and eventually, had a child named Rafik. Neither Leo nor Anagr cared for the child, and gave him into the adoption of Pauline Spinster. A year later, they had a second child, named Fenrir, who they also gave into adoption, though this time, they simply gave him to the gutters, where he was taken in by a homeless woman named Pokk, who died five years later. While Anagr saw the children as troublesome, Leon made sure to name the children, hoping for them to become worthy to fight, and perhaps succeed him many years later.

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