"Of course, my lady. It shall be done." -Laura, to Aleya.

Laura is a High Elven Maid, serving under the Princess Aleya. She is a most humble and caring servant, alongside her fellow retainers Buffkin and Ordon.

The Ending War

Laura was born during the Age of Bloodshed, in Honeremorte, to an Elven noble named Ormello. At the young age of 13, she was given to the House of Layor, the House to which the Princess Aleya was the daughter. She soon developed an attachment to the princess, who served as a friend and guide to her. She grew up within House Layor, to the extent of accompanying Aleya and her fellow retainers to Wintervale, where she, along with her friends, was forced into a magical slumber, only to wake over a thousand years later in Atall Varda.

Winter's Heart

Laura, along with her friends, embarked on a quest with The Children of Frost to save Wintervale from its eternal winter, following their reawakening, and hoped to find answers as to the source of their magical sleep.


Laura is a tall, thin woman, standing over 7 ft tall and weighing around 135 lbs. Laura is dressed in a modest maid uniform, black and white, with a bonnet of sorts over her red hair, framing her emerald eyes.


Laura is a meek woman, humble and eager to serve her mistress in any way she can, very soft spoken and kind, offering words of advice if asked. She has a small crush on the ranch hand Ordon, and while normally shy, tends to be more open around him. She also sees Buffkin as a father of sorts, and is willing to accept his advice, and grows more confident with their help.

Skills and Abilities

Hit Points Abilities Score Skills Skill Modifiers
10 Strength 9 History +5
Dexterity 20 Insight +6
Constitution 10 Perception +6
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 18
Charisma 16

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