Krusk Digital Art

"Resisting arrest is fun." -Krusk Iron-Fist.

Krusk Iron-Fist is a Half-Orc Barbarian played by Declan Ballantine, from The Iron-Fist Clan in Southern Horizon. The last of his Clan, Krusk is now the Chief of the newly founded Iron-Fist Clan in Honeremorte.

Early Life

As a child, Krusk was considered simultaneously and outcast and a prodigy due to his Giant blood. His social status became immaterial, however, when his Clan was destroyed by Norsta, a Giant, when Krusk was but ten years of age. Krusk managed to slay the Giant. Victorious, though now without a home, Krusk journeyed to the nearest port, where he met an up and coming monster hunter named Hal Shadowchaser. Hal and Krusk became a team, and for the next 25 years, protected towns and people from monsters wherever they went.

Loss of a Friend

Krusk and Hal's adventures would come to an end, when, in hunting a Were-wolf named Fenrir Doricksson on the island of Derrellianashia, Hal found himself poisoned by the Were-wolf, fated to die. With Hal's death, Krusk soon recruited a new team, to hopefully fill the hole left by the absence of a friend.

Monster Hunters

The newly formed Monster Hunters soon left for the land of Honeremorte, when Mark Garmin received a letter from his supposedly deceased Mother. Here, he became embroiled in a turn of events leading to the toppling of an empire.

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