"I am sorry. I have failed you, Kochanka." -Vandr Karl Nightberry, on his death.

Kochanka Nightberry is the vengeful spirit of a Polani Sorceress and is the Matron of The Nightberry Family. Her soul is bound to the body of Tamminth, and threatens to take over eventually.

The Witch of Stadfesta

Kochanka grew up studious of The Dark Arts, becoming a Witch, though remaining secretive so as to stay alive in her hometown of Stadfesta. Throughout the town, she was known as a simple Alchemist, gaining the cooperation of a local Shaman, Vandr Karl Nightberry. Eventually, the two of them were married, having in time, four children.

The Death of the Matron

Eventually, Kochanka met her demise, at the hands of The Woodchild. Her remaining family spent almost 300 years planning her resurrection.

Reincarnation and Second Death

The Family eventually came up with the plan to reincarnate Kochanka by binding her spirit to a newborn girl. To do so, they kidnapped the local Alchemist Paula, who was pregnant at the time. Performing the required ritual, they were able to bind Kochanka's soul to Paula's child, killing Paula herself in the process. They left the child behind, and she was adopted by the Paladin Luth. Kochanka's soul resided dormant in her, with eventually her proximity to him causing a curse, that he was only spared from by his apprentice, Rinn, who gave him the Warmroot that changed him into a Hverfr. Eventually, Tamminth herself succumbed to a curse of her own, as Kochanka's spirit began to awaken. The Children of Frost, who had sworn to protect the town, and left to seek a means to cure her, came back to find her missing. The next time they met her, Kochanka had fully awakened, and the Tamminth they knew was gone.

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