"Well, love you too." -Job Silkman, to Wingard Brighthand, having sarcastically brushed the latter off.

Job Silkman, known by the alias "Jack", is a Human Wizard played by Solomon Ashton, an illusionist who is embroiled in the world of politics, a negotiator who acts as an envoy for Community leaders, in particular, Preston Masonscale. He is also one of The Children of Frost, a hero of Winters Heart.

Winters Heart

Job is employed primarily by Preston Masonscale, the Patrician of Atall Varda. He stayed, during his time there, in his apartments in The Tower of The Patrician. One night, he had a strange dream, of destiny, of the end of Winter, and the role he was to play...


  • The original backstory, as written by Solomon Ashton, is written as: bio: I am a politician, more importantly a diplomat, my job is to visit investigate the goings on in other cities and have 'pleasant' chat's about alignments and trade with other nations. By nature I'm a bit of a trickster so in my formative years I learned magic especially in Illusions. given the power of some of the enemies he makes Job goes by Jack, never giving anything more than that for the sake of his family and girlfriend.

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