"I swear i didn't do anything! I was there. I couldn't leave. I'm so sorry." -Illska Nightberry to Hector Frost and Jack.

Illska Nightberry is a Polani Rogue living in Stadfesta. She is also the youngest child of Vandr Karl Nightberry. She is, like the rest of The Nightberry Family, one of the people who cursed Stadfesta, though she is the most reluctant of them.

Winter's Heart

Illska first appeared as an invisible figure stalking The Children of Frost, revealed by Fenrir Wolfsbane's use of Faerie Fire. She was chased down by the Shifter Warlock and the Fighter, Hector Frost, and savagely attacked by both of them, before they realised she was a woman. After being interrogated by Hector and Jack, she was released, and the Rogue Dax was sent to follow her to her home, though he failed to do so, and was captured by the Constables Clarence and Bob. The next time she appeared, she ambushed Jack at Kochanka's Grave, putting him to sleep and giving him to her brother Mordvig. She was then discovered and did battle with Benjamin Frost and Fenrir Wolfsbane, who knocked her out and bound her. Upon awakening, she found that they had killed Mordvig, but was won over by Benjamin explaining the similarity of their situations. Agreeing to go with them to help the afflicted Tamminth, Illska unbound herself only to discover that Tamminth had gone missing.


As a demonic Polani, Illska is dark skinned with markings on her skin, and has sharp, purple eyes. She has long, sleek black hair that comes over one of her eyes, and purple lips. She is slightly short, and slender. She wears sleek, form fitting dark grey clothes with a hooded shawl, along with a bandolier over her chest.


Illska is a shy, soft-spoken woman who dislikes the darker ways of the rest of her family. She has a hint of compassion, and much less experience in violence than the rest of The Nightberry's. She feels genuine regret for the attack on Rinn, and hopes to, if possible, atone for it.

Skills and Abilities

Hit Points Ability Score Race Class Features Feats
45 Strength 11 Demonic Polani Rogue - Arcane Trickster - 7 Darkvision Skulker
Dexterity 17 Hellish Resistance
Constitution 13 Infernal Legacy
Intelligence 16 Sneak Attack
Wisdom 12 Thieve's Cant
Charisma 16 Expertise (2)
Cunning Action
Uncanny Dodge
Mage Hand Legerdemain


Cantrips Once Per Day (Charisma) 1st Level (4 Slots) 2nd Level (2 Slots)
Thumaturgy Hellish Rebuke (2nd Level) Disguise Invisibility
Mage Hand Darkness Sleep Gust of Wind
Minor Illusion Detect Thoughts

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