"A pleasure to meet you. I am Ilia of Heygja." Ilia Lisburn to The Children of Frost.

Ilia Lisburn is a Polani Warlock travelling with Innslowe Dawn-Shield. She is also, unbeknownst to him, a Cleric of The Fireborn.


Ilia is an extremely beautiful Polani woman, tall and slender, exuding grace even as one born with demonic attributes. She has long raven black hair and softly glowing red eyes, radiating her ashen skin covered in black markings. She wears incredibly fine and elegant gowns, rivalling even Princess Aleya in the aura of regality she radiates.


Ilia is a deceitful woman, who uses her beauty to create a facade of purity, being soft spoken and eloquent. Beneath her mask of kindness, she is an evil woman who desires power and harbours hatred for Innslowe and The Children of Frost.

Skills and Abilities

Hit Points Ability Score Race Class Features Feats
124 Strength 8 Demonic Polani Warlock - Fiend (The Fireborn) - 14 Darkvision Alert
Dexterity 10 Hellish Resistance Elemental Adept
Constitution 17 Devil's Tongue Observant
Intelligence 18 (See Warlock - Fiend (The Fireborn) - 14)
Wisdom 18
Charisma 20

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