"I will train you in the ways of the ranger. In return, you stay, and pay your debt to me." -Groban to Lucijan.

Groban was a Human Ranger, living in exile from The Western Canyons. He was also the mentor of Lucijan, and the previous host for The Curse of Benu, before Lucijan himself.

The Young Cliff Ranger

As a young man, Groban was a member of The Cliff Rangers, an ancient order dedicated to the protection of Wintervale from threats both natural and supernatural. Groban himself was considered one of the finest of the Rangers, having great renown within the order. This life came to an end after he found himself led into The Shrine of Benu, and was cursed to be the host of the Spirit. After this, he was exiled from The Cliff Rangers, and became a lone ranger wandering Wintervale.

Meeting Lucijan

Many years later, when Groban was an old man, he met a young thief named Lucijan, who had tried to steal from him. The thief had fled from his home city of Heygja after failing to steal The Heart of Winter. Groban spared the thief, deciding to train him as a ranger. The two spent several years training and fighting together, until one day, a group from Lucijan's old Guild ambushed them, and while they were able to slay them, Groban bled out from his wounds and died.


After his death, Groban's cloak was taken by Lucijan, who decided to continue his mentor's legacy, and travelled the land as a ranger as Groban once did. Unfortunately, The Spirit of Benu, upon Groban's death, inhabited Lucijan's body, and Lucijan now remains afflicted by Groban's curse.


As a young man, Groban had a clean-shaven face, tousled brown hair, and bright, smiling eyes. As Lucijan knew him, Groban's hair had both darkened and developed grew streaks, and he had grown an unkempt beard. His eyes had lost their youthful shine, replaced with the steel of an experienced and hardened warrior. He had also, by this time, taken to wearing bandages to cover the parts of his body affected by his curse. Without his bandages, the curse would show blackened feather like growths across the affected parts of the body.

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