"That Name. I've not heard it in many years from anywhere but my own soul, crying in rage for revenge for what he has done." Grimm, to Krusk Iron-Fist.

Grimm is a Human Paladin from The Golden World. He is that World's version of Morgorath.

The War of The Descending Orcs

Grimm was, as a young man, known as Morgorath. A Paladin at the young age of 17, he was newly married to a woman named Pauline, and was celebrated as a hero. This all changed when, from seemingly nowhere, Morgorath's army descended upon the World, quickly taking it over. While he fought valiantly, his wife was slain, and he found himself awoken by a Fairy named Juniper. Taking the name Grimm, he swore revenge, traveling for the next 30 years in search of the means to kill Morgorath.

Monster Hunters

Having found the means to travel between Worlds, Grimm has visited Runoth, in the hopes of garnering his aid, as well as that of The Monster Hunters.

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