"I understand it's not pleasant, dear, but remember, its for the good of Hamarr." -Galinndan Amakiir to his young daughter, Rinn.

Galinndan Amakiir is the High Elf Arch-Sheikh of Hamarr, the ancestral home of the Elves. He is also the father of Rinn Amakiir, and her elder brother, Phann Amakiir.

A Love Lost

A somewhat younger Elf at the age of 353, the at the time Sheikh Galinndan fell in love with an elven noblewoman named Ishann Shrineguard, whom he soon married. The two of them eventually had a son named Phann. The three of them lived happily but for a single year, at which time Ishann fell ill and perished, leaving Galinndan to mourn with only his son as the memory of her existence.

A Forbidden Light

Two years later, Galinndan found love once more, when he met a Human woman named Dona, on a chance journey outside The Western Canyons. The two of them returned to Hamarr, newly engaged, but were forbidden from marriage by Galinndan's father, Ganlyn, on the grounds of her being a Human, and a commoner at that. Ignoring his father, Galinndan eloped with Dona, and soon had another child, a daughter they named Rinn. Unfortunately, fate struck Galinndan once more, and the birth of Rinn left Dona terribly ill, and on the verge of death. Distraught at the possibility of losing another love, Galinndan searched for answers, questioning various Wizards and Healers, delving through tome after tome, eventually finding a solution, albeit a dark one, requiring a ritual, to be performed regularly, a key component being Rinn's blood. Desperate, and with no other answers, Galinndan persuaded Rinn to allow him to take her blood, under the false pretense of using to heal the people of Hamarr. This continued for six years, during which time Ganlyn passed away and Galinndan became the new Arch-Sheikh, before Rinn discovered the existence of her mother, in a run down cottage in the forest behind Amakiir Palace, learning of the horrid state Galinndan had kept her mother in all these years. Looking up from his bound, bruised and bloodied wife to see his daughter, her face a mask of shock, Galinndan stopped Rinn as she tried to leave, and imprisoned her as well, explaining his situation, and in exchange for her silence, and continued giving of blood, allowed once again her freedom.

Months later, discovering Rinn to be freeing Dona from her binds, Galinndan rushed to stop them. Dona, desperate, refused to be taken again, and killed herself, to prevent him from reaching her. Wailing and beating her corpse, Galinndan was once again left alone, with only his grief induced madness to accompany him as the Arch-Sheikh of Hamarr...

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