"My Father will come for me. You'll see." -Emily Frost, to Dench.

Emily Frost is a Human girl currently in the clutches of The Children of Summer. She is also the daughter of Hector Frost and Abigale Frost, and the sister of Benjamin Frost.

Early Life

Born in the town of Smar, South of Heygja, Emily, being the daughter of a Jeweler and a Healer, lived a humble but safe live in the rural town with them and her older brother Benjamin. This life was put at risk when Smar was attacked by a group of The Children of Summer, led by an Orc named Dench. Her Father took up the mantle of protector and saved his his family and the town, unaware of the price he was to pay. Five years later, when Emily was but twelve years of age, Dench returned, eager for revenge against her Father, a larger force behind him. Her Mother slain, her town and its inhabitants razed to the ground, and her Father forced to watch, Emily was then taken by Dench to serve The Children of Summer.

High Priestess

Her old life stripped from her, Emily was taken to Summer Sanctuary and forced to serve as High Priestess to The Clerics of The Fire-Born, her Soul's Essence used in their rituals. The results of The Clerics actions left her in a constant state of fear and confusion, her soul rent, and while there was no physical pain, she suffers in every other sense. The reason she specifically was chosen for this was unknown to her at the time, but she came to learn of her innate power, her Soul's nature and connection to other souls and ability to manifest magic without altering the fabric of magic itself. Her gift was rare, and The Clerics made sure to make full use of it.

Winter's Heart

Emily has lived her life as High Priestess for two years, and at the age of fourteen, is kept sane only by the optimistic belief that her Father will save her. While she lives this way, her Father Hector desperately roamed the land, hunting the people responsible, hoping to find his daughter, and rescue her from her fate. Alas, he did not succeed, and met his end at the hands of The Woodchild, her brother, having appeared for the first time in years, taking up the mantle to save her.