"Each and every one of the beasts here is a life. One to be cherished and nurtured." Eboshi, to Rinn Amakiir.

Eboshi is a Hverfr woman living in Stadfesta. She is the elderly matron of 'The Forest Eyes Pet Shop'.


Eboshi has the appearance of an old crone, being over 93 years old. She has shaggy white hair, with a large braid swinging like a pendulum in front of her face. Like all Hverfr, she is slightly hairy, has ivory claws for nails, and the eyes of a cat, which in her case are purple. She wears a patched brown robe with shamanic designs on them. As with the rest of her ilk, she can take the form of an animal, in her case, a Wolf.


As a Hverfr who has willingly left Toreal Canyon, Eboshi is far more tolerant towards Humans than most of her kin. She is kind, though somewhat sharp-tongued, and is especially caring towards animals. She is patient to her situation, but not towards tomfoolery.

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