"'I've heard to meet a Dwarf is good luck', said Roxanne, checking to see that no one was watching her visit the prisoner. She backed away in shock as the Dwarf stood up, ropes falling from his wrists. 'I've always seen myself as a bad omen if I'm honest', replied Orik as he turned away from her and walked towards the door, her key in his hand." -Excerpt from The Tale of the Dwarven Thief, by Allochval Songblade.

Dwarves are a race of a once massive population, now a rarity since The First Snows sealed their great city of Dhark Ungor. They are also the first race to have been created by The God's, specifically by Tashkil, God of the Forge, their language used by many in incantations and treated by many of the younger races with scholarly reverence.

Physical Appearance

Dwarves are shorter than the average Human, standing at about 4 ft tall and weighing an average of 150 lbs. Despite the rumors of Dwarven women having beards, this is not the case, and many are considered to be homely beauties. The men are not always, but often burly with thick muscle granted by constant use of hammers in forges and pickaxes in mines. The beards the men have, however, are associated with pride in the same way that height is with Humans, and are thick, long, often braided with rings in them.


While many associate Dwarves with warriors and blacksmiths, this is only the surface of Dwarven culture. Dwarf society makes use of all talents and vocations, leaving no one to waste. Dwarven cities are often filled with colleges dedicated to studying the fabric of the universe, studios built to design technological marvels, guilds of spies and merchants, as well as artists, poets, authors and craftsmen of all types. Dwarves value honor and family, preserving the name of their clans through works or battle, eager to defend their homes when danger arises.

Relations with Other Races

Dwarves are considered a rarity, and to meet one is considered good luck by Humans. Humans treat them with respect in larger cities, but with suspicion in smaller towns, where superstition is more prevalent. For their part, Dwarves have a respect for the ambition of Humans, as well as their efforts for such a short lifespan. Their relationship with Elves, however, is tainted by overall suspicion and distrust, though there is no open hostility, as scholars of both races hold respect for each other, for their respective places in history and nature. As for other races, Dwarves are considered a pleasant oddity and vice versa.