"Beings of incredible will and power. The pinnacle of the Draconic path. A source of many a story." -Allochval Songblade.

Dragons are ancient beings, and the product of the ancient Draconic Magic. Each and every Dragon was formerly a Mortal who has reached the pinnacle of Draconic Magic.


Dragons have widely varying appearance. However, what is consistent is their reptilian forms, coloured scales, and, most often, wings. They are large, imposing beings.


Dragons, much like the Mortals they once were, have all sorts of personalities, benevolent, dominating, kind, cruel. One thing that remains consistent throughout all Dragons however, is their force of will. To become a Dragon, one must prove their will within themselves, so all Dragons are naturally fierce and strong-willed.


Draconic Magic has existed since the beginning of all things, and is the most raw and unfocused of all magics. It is also the first type of Magic ever discovered, by the first Wizard, and first Dragon, to ever exist, The Dragon King. His reign saw the introduction of his descendants, the Salaman, and others of Draconic nature. Ever since, Dragons have arisen throughout history, always great and powerful figures, such as The Dragon King's successor, Jeibanren, who saw to the protection of The Mountains of Magic, as well as figures such as Runoth, The Guardian of Honeremorte.

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