A painting of Davaro in battle

"'I don't suppose you care to give your name?', 'Only a blade of a different banner, nothing more.'" -A conversation between Ragnar Forge-Fire and Davaro Venom-Fang.

Davaro Venom-Fang is a lord of a mercenary clan called The Divine Blood, a rogue who has fought his entire life against the Houses of nobles. He has been a Hero to many, and paid the price, as despite being only thirty two, he has the appearance of an old man due to being cursed. Davaro currently resides in Atall Varda as an Adviser to the Patrician.

Physical Appearance

Despite his relatively young age, Davaro appears as an old man in his seventies. He wears an eye patch over his left eye and his hair in an unkempt ponytail with a matching beard. He tends to wear baggy dark brown clothing when alone though in the field wears a dark grey outfit designed for stealth. Whenever stressed, he dons a bandana.


Davaro has spend his entire life moving from one battle to the next, never knowing anything else. As such, he is not as sociable as would be expected from a lord of his standing. He very rarely indulges in niceties and does not understand many aspects of people outside of the battlefield. Despite this, he is very warm and kind, having lived by his sense of honor and duty to his friends and comrades. He will put himself on the line to save others and will not stand by injustice, and it is this quality that has granted him his position as Adviser.

Skills and Abilities

Davaro is a skilled rogue, and despite his live spent on the fields of battle, he is more known for his exploits outside of battle, stealthily infiltrating enemy territory to bring a swift victory. He is skilled at moving undetected, passing without leaving a trace, though has skills in other areas. He has received training as a shadow monk in addition, and is a capable fighter and possesses many mystical abilities that aid him in his quests.File:Davaro Venom-Fang.pdf