"Hold there, criminal. You have committed crimes against this fair town, and will be brought to justice." Clarence to a mugger.

Clarence and Bob are a pair of Constables in Stadfesta. The former is a High Elf and the latter is a Giant. They are often thought to be the only Constables in Stadfesta. This is not true, but is often thought due to their incredible response time, being the only ones on any given scene.


Clarence is a slim man standing at 5'9 ft, and has a pencil moustache. His appearance is prim and proper in all things he does. Bob, for his part, is a towering man, broad of shoulder, standing at 8'7 ft tall. His features are obscured by his armour.


Both Clarence and Bob are caring and compassionate men, if somewhat clumsy. Clarence is somewhat haughty in his professionalism, and Bob has the demeaner of one of lesser intelligence, but is actually smarter than Clarence. The both of them have loud demeanours, eager to help the common people in any way they can.

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