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"I didn't recognize you. But then, who ever does?" -Ragnar Forge-Fire.

Created by Qipian, the God of Cunning, Changelings are mistrusted by many for their inherent duplicity and ability to change form. A minority in many societies, and with no ancestral home, the Changelings have always suffered either discrimination or isolation from others.


Created by Qipian, and given a home in the South of Wintervale, Changelings were an influential culture in that region, until, during The Age of Magic, The Storm King created the Salamandr, and in the process created their home, The Mountains of Magic, laying waste to the region in which the Changelings resided, and the Salamandr themselves overthrowing the culture of the Changelings. Forever since, they have lived on the fringes of society, fallen from their former greatness, never able to return.

Physical Appearance

In their true form, Changelings have pale white skin and hair, with either black or white eyes. However, Changelings are inherently capable of changing form, limited only to forms they have witnessed before of a similar size, and therefore can have any variety of appearances.