"The most commonly used piece of modern technology. It is a marvel we managed to get anywhere without them." Shady Nikolai.

Capture Stones are magical devices imported from Tsukino. They allow the Polymorphing of objects into small stones for ease of carry. There are known to be many types of stones, each varying in usefulness and cost.


Capture Stones were first created by a Ma no Satsui Innovator in the early ages of Magic, in the form of paper talismans not unlike an Ofuda. These were only used by the most experienced practitioners of Magic, of which there were few at the time due to discrimination against those of the arcane arts. The concept was brought to Wukong and adapted into a different form, that of golden hairs. This model was used in the more formative years of the world, until finally, as Tsukino became more progressive and accepting of Magic, the current form of Capture Stones were invented.


Capture Stones appear as small, smooth, dark stones, not unlike one would find in a river bed. They are distinct, however, by their markings. A Capture Stone that has not been bound to an object bears no mark, though when used, from then on bears a Kanji indicating its use.


Capture Stones can behave in a number of ways, depending on the will of the creator. The most common use of a Capture Stone is to bind it to a non-magical object of a size no larger than Medium. Once bound, the object can be Polymorphed into the Stone and vice versa at will, and any creature extending their will towards the object knows whether or not it can be used this way. The object, when Polymorphed into a Stone, is the size that the Stone was originally, though retains the weight of the object. To avert the potential problems of this, Capture Stones are usually worn in pouches designed specifically to accommodate this, distributing weight evenly across a larger area of the wearer's body. More expensive Stones can be created, that when Polymorphing an object, change its weight to that of the original Stone, or can be used to Capture Larger objects, or even living creatures, and other such specifications. These functions are always expensive, however, and most people settle for the more common Stones for day to day life.

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