"I apologise my lady. We could not save the carriage, but we have the pies." -Buffkin, to Aleya.

Buffkin is a Gnome Butler who serves the Elven Princess Aleya. He is a faithful and capable retainer, who manages her affairs in her absence. He is the head of her three retainers, accompanied by Laura and Ordon.

The Ending War

Buffkin was born as the Ninth Generation of Royal Butlers, to serve House Layor. After the birth of Princess Aleya, Buffkin was assigned to be her personal attendant, to help her grow and mature as a member of the royal family. After many years, Buffkin took under his wing, an Elven maid named Laura, and a Half Elven ranch hand named Ordon. The three became very close, with Buffkin going what he could to raise them just as much as with Aleya. He eventually accompanied them to Wintervale on Aleya's mission of peace, suffering the same fate as his wards, plunged into a magical slumber for over a thousand years, reawakened during The Age of Winter.

Winter's Heart

Buffkin continued his faithful service to Aleya, accompanying her on her many adventures with The Children of Frost.


As a Gnome, Buffkin is a short man, standing at just over 3 feet tall, thought is rather heavy, due to his massive muscles, weighing 210 lbs. He is at all times garbed in a short-tailed three piece suit. His magnificent blond hair forms a mass of flowing pompadour. He has a short, perfectly trimmed beard, and a crystal green eyes.


Buffkin is a very dedicated and faithful man, seemingly always by Aleya's side, and is always managing affairs on her behalf, from her schedule to her provisions and accomodations to her safety. He is a terse and strict man in regards to himself and his duties, always placing Aleya above himself. He is otherwise a kind man to those working under him, acting as a father figure to both Laura and Ordon.

Skills and Abilities

Hit Points Abilities Score Skills Skill Modifiers
10 Strength 20 History +6
Dexterity 14 Perception +3
Constitution 14 Medicine +3
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 13
Charisma 13

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