Blackjack Digital Art

"I made a horrible deal, and now I am cursed to serve in the name of good or face death." -Blackjack Donario.

Blackjack Donario is a Polani Sorcerer Rogue played by Anthony Simon, from Goldthistle Farm, in Honeremorte. He is a member of The Monster Hunters, fighting against Morgorath, at the behest of the Dragon, Runoth.

A Birth of Dubious Circumstances

Long before he was, born, his Grandparents, unable to have children, were visited by a Demon named Kuzztro, in the guise of a Sorcerer. Kuzztro gave them the ability to conceive a child, though unbeknownst to them, the child was cursed to father a child of demonic appearance.

Early Life

Born to a Human family, Blackjack was abandoned due to his demonic appearance, left on the doorstep of a Fagin named Corin Donario. Corin raised the child as his own, intrigued by the child's innate magical power and talent for thievery. At the age of 13, Blackjack left to seek out his birth parents, finding Goldthistle farm and meeting the people who abandoned him. He killed his mother, having injured and incapacitated his father, forcing him to watch, then suffer as his home burned down around him, killing him, his screams following Blackjack's strides as he continued on as a bounty hunter.

A Humble Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter for the next 9 years, Blackjack was feared for his ironic lack of competency as a bounty hunter, often killing his bounty heads, and was known, but never proven, to accept Black Bounties, an illegal bounty taken by the dangerous and morally foregone. He lives in a bar, The Wobbled Walrus, owned by Anastasia Mao, his reluctant informant. His days were soon to change, however, with a certain bounty, perhaps one he would regret taking...

Monster Hunters

Journeying to Iron Territory in search of The Monster Hunters, who had a bounty of 5000 gold on their heads, Blackjack found himself intercepted by Runoth, the Great Silver Dragon and The Guardian of Honeremorte. The Dragon struck a deal with the bounty hunter, with Blackjack abstaining from hunting The Monster Hunters, and instead aiding them, with the reward being a noble title. Skeptical regarding the trustworthiness of the ancient Guardian, Blackjack demanded a magical bond be made between them, so that if either were to break their agreement, they would die. Runoth, having held up his end of the deal in advance, agreed, being himself in no danger, and Blackjack was now bound to the service of The Monster Hunters, unable to leave nor perform any actions that could be potentially negative to the party.

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