"The animal men of the east. The predecessors of the Salaman, and even Dragons themselves." -Mingzhi Longstory.

The Beastfolk are humanoids from the land of Longjia. They are bestial folk, men of fur and claw. Created in The Age of The Ominni, the Beastfolk make up various elements of the cultures of Longjia.


Beastfolk can have many different breeds, different animals that they resemble. These include:

  • Lizardfolk
  • Monkeyfolk
  • Catfolk
  • Snakefolk
  • Bullfolk
  • Rabbitfolk


Native to the land of Longjia, the Beastfolk lived peaceful lives, until one of their number, Zhengfu, became the very first Dragon in existence, The Dragon King. After this, his descendants, the Salaman, led the Beastfolk to become conquerers, going to war on the world.

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