Cheydinhal 00000

"It's hard to believe so many people live here. It's so magical, like a storybook." -Dawn Snow-Flower.

Atall Varda is a massive city, second only to Dhark Ungor , and known as the city of magic. Despite this, the presence of magic in Atall Varda is no different than any other city, the main reason for its namesake being the magical dome above the city that prevents the entry of snow. The city is devoid of snow, though is still cold, with a few places having means of warming various areas and streets. The snow also clings to the snow, with the sun shining through it leaving a glowing white sky. The architectural style of the buildings are that of a half Victorian, half Medieval city. The cobbles that dot the streets are in different colors, depending on the district and purpose behind it.


The city was once part of the Kingdom of Wintervale, and at the time was not the capitol is has since become, with the seat of power being The Marble Palace. Since The First Snows, Atall Varda had been mostly buried, with citizens accessing its high buildings through the top floors. This changed with the introduction of Wingard Bright-Hand to the city, who, after removing the snow from the city and protecting it from future snowfall, was given the title of Court Wizard.