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"I come seeking my mother's leaf. My soul cannot rest until I have solace for her." -Artorian Deepwater, to his future wife, Dawn Snowflower.

Artorian Deepwater was a Sea Xinling who wandered the world searching for peace for others and within himself. He is also the father of Innslowe Dawnshield and Angela Darkwail.

Early Life

Born Artorian Millkeep of Isabrot, Artorian spent the first eight years of his life in a simple icer-farm, though spending little time there, spending more time with the sailors and pirates than with his abusive father, with no knowledge of his mother. He left at the age of eight, joining a group of caravaneers, receiving the name Deepwater from the local wise woman. He left seeking to find a leaf from the Forest of Memories, the leaf containing his mother's voice, to find peace of mind. He spent ten years on this journey, as he did not know immediately what he was searching for, becoming a warrior and explorer, searching far and wide until eventually finding himself in The Forest of Memories, where he met Dawn Snowflower.

Dawn Snowflower

Artorian met Dawn Snowflower in The Forest of Memories, as she served as its guardian. The two quickly became friends, and when the times called for them, they went on many adventures together, eventually falling in love and getting married. The two of them then went to Atall Varda , to spend the rest of their lives in happiness with their two children, Innslowe and Angela.

Final Journey

His and his new family's happiness was not to last, as he had one last journey to make, with the intention of returning in a short time, three months at most. He returned to his birthplace of Isabrot, to confront his father about the disappearance of his mother. The journey ended in a final battle, resulting in the deaths of both his father and himself. His wife, thereafter, lived in grief to raise their children alone.

After Death


Artorian, The Sword of the Depths

Artorian was taken by Shendu, the Spirit of the Depths, upon death, and continues to exist in a form of life in service to it, and is thereafter a mysterious ghostly warrior wandering the frozen waves. He is bound in service to Shendu, though retains his sanity and yearns to see his wife and children again, though this is impossible for him, as he cannot leave his service. He can be reasoned with, though only through knowledge of his wife or children.