"I pray for her. I pray that she would abandon the darkness within her and come home to me." -Dawn Potter, about her daughter, The Witch of Screaming Mountain.

Angela Darkwail, more commonly known as The Witch of Screaming Mountain, is a Polani Sorceress who resides on Screaming Mountain. She is the current keeper of The Wailing Dark. She is also the daughter of Dawn Snowflower and the twin sister of Innslowe Dawnshield.

Early Life

Angela was born to Dawn Potter in Atall Varda along with her twin brother, Innslowe. The two of them lived relatively normal lives, with Innslowe growing up learning the ways of a hero and warrior, and herself learning the ways of sorcery and magic. Despite the differences between the two, they were very close. She eventually left at the age of sixteen to study magic abroad, receiving the name Darkwail. This was the beginnings of a dark path from which she would never return.

The Witch of Screaming Mountain

Upon leaving Atall Varda, Angela was mentored by a wizard named Karmonn Bloodweaver. It was through him that she became corrupted, exposed to sorceries dark and evil, leaving her with a lust for power that would never be sated. Eventually, she killed her mentor, having learned everything she could from him, and proceeded to live at the top of Screaming Mountain, a vein of magic. She only left the Mountain to search for components and tomes required in her studies, leaving her mark on local culture as a reason for fear and chilled blood, having committed increasingly worse atrocities. She eventually created The Wailing Dark, an artifact of incredible power designed to allow her to use her soul to influence magic. She killed a small army of warriors alongside her demonic minions on a field of death known as The Field of The Wailing Dark.


The Heroes will eventually encounter her when travelling through the area surrounding Screaming Mountain. They will uncover a plot by her and battle her. After killing her, the Heroes have the option to remove The Wailing Dark from her and take it for themselves. Alternatively the Heroes can potentially reason with her, opening to her the potential for redemption, though this will be difficult.