"A convenient tool for those who work together." -Wingard Bright-Hand.

An Amulet of Magical Communion is a magical object created by Wingard Bright-Hand and utilised by The Children of Frost. They enable the user to communicate over long distances, theoretically to an infinite scale.


The Amulets are made of Brass, being the easiest metal to enchant, and have a snowflake engraved on it. It is typically worn around the neck as a necklace, though can be worn in other ways, or carried in a pocket or pouch.


The Amulets are bound magically to each other and anyone who is touching an Amulet can communicate with anyone touching another of the Amulets, simply by willing themselves to communicate. The communication is telepathic, though is heard as a voice, and is transmitted clearly. The person communicating can be seen as well, although the image is not of the communicator, but rather, of the receiver's perception of them, and can even appear in strange ways, such as in the clouds, or as caricatures, depending on how the receiver interprets the intentions of the communicator.

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