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"I have heard of you, a writer of beautiful songs and stories." -Rosaria Fair-Garden.

Allochval Songblade is a Polani bard who travels Lorerah, creating songs and stories of his adventures, and is the current day's most active chronicler. He is also the author of The Tale of the Dwarven Thief. He is also one of the only people to have, since The First Snows, ever crossed over the border of Wintervale, and has done so several times.

Early Life

Born in the town of Smar, south of Heygja , Allochval was a small town peasant as a child, with little prospects other than to one day continue the family business of paper making. During his childhood, he befriended a Dwarf named Orik. Allochval's life changed when he journeyed to the top of a mountain overlooking a lake. It was there that he met Armonia, the Spirit of the Song, and was so moved by his grace that he dedicated himself to creating beautiful works, becoming a bard. He soon left his home in order to chronicle the world and capture its beauty.

A Lifelong Journey

Allochval would travel the world for his entire life, becoming a writer of music and narrative, of fiction and non-fiction alike. One such story was The Tale of the Dwarven Thief, following his childhood friend, Orik. Orik had disappeared during Allochval's childhood, and the book is a result of him finding information on his old friend wherever he could find it. During his journey, he met the Elven maiden, Rosaria Fair-Garden, who would become his lifelong companion and friend. The two of them went on many adventures, becoming legends among those they chronicled.