"A beautiful memory of an Age long since past. We must do well to treasure her." -Preston Masonscale, regarding Aleya.

Aleya Layor is a High Elf Sorcerer played by Kristie Holmes, a Princess from The Age of Bloodshed, and a member of The Children of Frost.

The Age of Bloodshed

Aleya was born in the last 50 years of the war that spanned all of Lorerah, in the land of Honeremorte , to the King of Elendor at the time, Owiryn Layor. At the age of 25, Aleya was sent of a mission of peace to the land of Wintervale, with the intention of creating a treaty. During her time there, however, she was entrapped, and at the age of 27, was placed, along with her three most trusted servants, Buffkin, Laura and Ordon, into a magical slumber that ended over a thousand years later, during the final chapter of The Age of Winter...

Winter's Heart

Waking up in The Tower of The Patrician, Aleya found herself in the care of Preston Mason-Scale, and those working under him, for unknown interests or purposes beyond simple compassion. Attending The Trial of Fenrir Wolfsbane, in part of an attempt to learn of the current world, Aleya found herself entangled in a larger plot, to end the world of Winter, and a member of The Children of Frost...

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