"In the glory whose is The Fireborn's." -Alder Serpin.

Alder Serpin was a Lord within The Serpin House, living away from the rest of his family, in the city of Atall Varda. Unbeknownst to the people of the city, he was also a Cleric of The Fireborn.

Cleric of The Fireborn

Alder was a Cleric of The Fireborn, high in station within The Children of Summer. This granted him knowledge of The Order's true intentions, and power over the city of Atall Varda. Alder also had knowledge of the other members, their power in other cities, and locations, though only the names of a few. As a Cleric, Alder had command over a small force of warriors, including Knights, Sir Kyle and Sir Ulric, the former of whom is now deceased, having fallen to Aleya's Firebolt, and the latter of which has left, following Alder's death at the hands of Hector Frost. He was a man of great power, though non of it being his, own, it being made up of magical artefacts he has collected, as we'll as Ulric, not to mention his family connections.


Like many members of his family, Alder was arrogant and saw himself above others, though in his case, he was not capable in such a way that his arrogance could be justified. He was of the upper class of society, and holds all beneath him in that fact.


Alder was a short, portly man, with pale skin and shining black hair, with an oiled moustache. He was well groomed, and never without the essential hair, facial, or nail maintenance. He often wore an orange robe with the insignia of The Children of Summer as a symbol of his station as a Cleric of The Fireborn, and a green and black suit at all other times.

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